Principal at Maple Knoll is Richard Morris who has over 35 years experience in manufacturing, from Supply Chain management to General Manager to Owner of a manufacturing business.  Sheril Morris has over 30 years experience in the finance side of manufacturing.   This experience is offered to Owners of manufacturing businesses.  Whether a start-up or an established business, Maple Knoll offers lessons learned from a variety of manufacturing environs.

Priorities change.  When they do, systems can become imbalanced.  Recognizing where and how much effort to direct towards areas of the business is something best learned from experience.  Owning a business is distinctly different from most other interactions in society.  As an Owner, you get to dictate every aspect of a business.  Powerful stuff!  How do you choose to operate?  When Income drops or Cash-flow is less than expected, how do you proceed?  Is your initial reaction to cut costs?  What “cost” is expendable?  Can be tough decisions.  Maple Knoll can help understand how best to respond.

Sorting through a myriad of options is what we specialize in.  If you are not making money, decisions must be made or you risk losing your business.  The fundamentals do not change.  But dealing with rising costs, increasing expenses, recalcitrant employees can make options difficult. at running a manufacturing business is not as difficult as it may seem.  Some complexity comes with scale, but the fundamentals do not change.  You have a product or service that commands a market place…you have people, facility, equipment, material and processes that need to be managed in order to make a profit.

The experience at Maple Knoll over a variety of manufacturing environs can help you streamline your business to maximize your income.  Maple Knoll can help clarify what is important to you while balancing the business’ interests.

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