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Process improvements in a manufacturing environ involves a multi-prong approach.  Achieving best quality, efficient production processes, maximizing ERP/MRP tools, minimizing material costs, employee training  – all need constant surveillance.  Given today’s rapidly changing process opportunities, management must clearly dictate what is important to them.  Is your goal to maximize owner return?

How much emphasis should you put on empowering employees?  What role does innovation play in your business?  How involved in the daily operations do you, as the owner, want to be?  How important is location and facilities?  Is publicity and/or community involvement part of the equation?  And many more considerations should be properly addressed.  There is a sweet spot to be found.

Maple Knoll brings real-world experience to these decisions.  Whether having someone to bounce ideas off of, wanting a “specialist” to accomplish a specific goal or even manage the operation for a period of time to allow the owners a smooth transition, Maple Knoll can do it.

Company management is a microcosm of society.  Fair play is important.  However, as an owner, you get to dictate how the company, and your role in it, functions.   It is NOT a democracy.  It is, also, a process that never ends – change is constant.

Maple Knoll is experienced in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques.  They offer valuable tools, but both are recycled ideas in the cyclical life of manufacturing history.  U.S. companies have been the preeminent purveyors of manufacturing processes for almost 200 years.  Along the way, owners/managers have put a lot of effort into maximizing profit, creating efficiencies and providing jobs.

There is a wealth of information via the internet these days and one can become quite the expert given the time and interest.  Maple Knoll offers realistic experiences that have born successes in multiple markets.

There is no cost or obligation for a consultation.  If you have an area of concern in your business, feel free to reach out.  We promise to be honest about your situation and our ability to address it.  All conversations are held in strict confidence .