I am a Senior Level Development Engineer that reported to Richard in a small company environment. I frequently needed to also wear hats for Manufacturing or Quality Engineering and Richard was very helpful to me in navigating in those organizational spaces outside my primary responsibilities. He was instrumental in his advice and direction in addressing vendor quality and development issues and we worked well together. I’d gladly work for him again.

Tom H. Bellevue

I first met Richard when he joined Sound Metrics in October of 2010.
What can I say about Richard Morris…..well for starters he’s as loyal as they come which I find to be a very rare trait nowadays. I know first hand that Richard will always place the company’s best interest first with any decisions he makes. Not only is he dedicated and committed, he’s beyond fair and a great pleasure to work with.

Jeanne Dorsey President, Ocean Marine Industries, Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard Morris for over 3 years now. Not only is he a super qualified businessman with years and years of experience and knowledge to back him up, but he is also one of the most kind and caring individuals that I know. When working with Richard you can feel confident knowing he will do his very best to ensure you and your project or business are taken care of with the utmost quality and integrity. I highly recommend Maple Knoll and working with Richard is like a reward. Reach out for a consultation and you’ll understand what i mean.

Rachel Van Buskirk Creative Director, Axe Grind Studios